About Us

Meet Tamara Reeves

Coffee Roaster, Architect of Blends,
Pod Whisperer

At the age of 50, Tamara became a boutique coffee roaster in the Blue Mountains of NSW.

After attending a roasting course in 2018, Tamara became obsessed with creating sweet, succulent coffee rather than the bitter coffee she experienced in cafes. She worked to harness the luscious flavours of specialty coffees worldwide and became enamoured with capturing the cheeky cherry. It was true love.

Love turned to obsession, and Love Beans Coffee was born. 

Two years later, she had mastered the art of roasting. Tamara researched and found that coffee pods were growing in popularity, and she wanted to be part of it. The only problem was that as she was starting out, she could only afford one type of coffee pod—black! So the dilemma became how she printed on the coffee pod lid to inform her customers which coffee they were drinking – Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua – they all looked the same.

Tamara spent nearly two years searching the globe for a printer that could be used to print on the pod lid. She researched, read and practiced the art of filling the coffee pod with delicious coffee that had an impact. Finally after talking to people worldwide, she found the machine she wanted… in Frenchs Forest NSW!! How ironic 🙂

Learning to print on the coffee pod was a steep learning curve, but Tamara managed it. It also made her realise that she could do much more than print her logo on the pod lid; she could print other business logos, pictures, animals, QR codes, sayings, and even funny googly eyes for Halloween… the list went on and on!

So, Custom Coffee Pods came to life in 2024. Now, Tamara can enjoy the journey.